On a mission to make Brainport the sustainability hotspot of the world

Esther Kersten

Founder - CEO


About Esther,

Founder and CEO of ImpactX,

Esther is founder and CEO of ImpactX, she and her team are on a mission to make Brainport the high-tech sustainability capital of the world. She is an entrepreneurial, enthusiastic and result-oriented strategy & sustainability expert. With a passion for creating an environment where people are empowered to be the change they would like to see in the world. Mother of two kids, Mike (9) and Kate (7). She promised her children a future where they can live in an environment adapted to the impacts of climate change, and where there is a positive outlook of what can be achieved when people and organisations join forces. Although the topic is serious, the ‘making fun’ part is as important to her.

Why did you start ImpactX?

I started ImpactX because I believe in the power of the Brainport region; its peoples, its organizations, and its networks. I believe we can mobilize this power to create the positive impact the world needs. Our mission is to make Brainport the high-tech sustainability capital of the world.

What makes Brainport unique to become the high-tech sustainability capital of the world?

The technical competences and skills are amongst the best in the world. The triple helix model of innovation (the interplay between companies, research/education institutions and government) and the collaborative ecosystem are strongly positioned. These characteristics together with the ‘can do’ mentality form a strong foundation for developing innovative solutions supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

How can Brainport make impact as a high-tech sustainability capital?

Next to providing technical solutions to the urgent sustainability needs of the world, Brainport can be the example and inspiration for other regions on how to mobilize the power of a region. What we need are shared visions and strategic roadmaps to align action taking of involved stakeholders. By prioritizing certain industries, sufficient (financial) resources can be attracted to create the best possible solutions.

How will Brainport benefit?

Contributing to a better world gives people meaning in life and happiness. This movement of people looking for a purpose in their works is clearly growing. Companies will benefit by combining ‘doing business’ with ‘doing good’ and being supported by today's and tomorrow’s society. The region benefits by building the next-gen Brainport, attracting talent and investments to continue creating impact, while enabling its residents to live in a safe and thriving world. A region where we feel connected and are proud to be part of!

Our role

We are impact builders. We bring our knowledge, experience, and a refreshing perspective. To support high-tech companies and their value chains in scaling their impact by combining sustainability and innovation. Our products and services make the sustainability journey more fun, smart, connected, and fast. We build communities to facilitate joint learning and aligned action taking. And off course we enjoy creating enthusiasm for the mission to make Brainport the high-tech sustainability capital of the world.

Our philosophy 

Our philosophy is ‘Think big, start small, scale fast.’ Think big: think long term and define your ambitious goals. Start small: make the big ambition actionable, start with small initiatives to create momentum, learn fast, and develop good practices. Scale fast: scale good practices, embed these in the organization and value chain, and set pace to achieve your goals.