MAKING BRAINPORT the high-tech sustainability capital of the world

15+ years

of practical experience in working for
sustainability and circular economy
projects in the Brainport region.



Aim high, think long term, define your goals, place your dot on the horizon.

Start small

Starting small makes the big ambition actionable. Start with small initiatives, learn fast and develop good practices.

Scale fast

Scale good practices, embed these in the organisation and set the pace to achieve your goals.

How we help
create impact

with your
internal teams

We work with your internal teams to create impactful innovation.

  • Define your strategic direction and KPI’s.
  • Create the narrative for impact innovation.
  • Bring the (internal) organisation on board of the strategy by defining a communications and change plan.
  • Build domain-specific competencies through training.
  • Start small initiatives and pilot projects.
  • Learn from the initiatives, share insights and develop good practices.
  • Build your impact portfolio with pilot and scaling projects.
  • Grow impact teams across the organisation.
  • Measure your impact and communicate about the results and next steps.

with your
customers & suppliers

We work with you, your customers and your suppliers on impact innovation.

  • Understand your customers and suppliers (future) needs.
  • Define preliminary value propositions and identify your assumptions.
  • Start a dialogue with customers and suppliers to present your impact ambition and validate your value propositions and assumptions.
  • Define common ground to start the impact collaboration.
  • Build eco-system specific competences through trainings.
  • Start small co-created initiatives and pilot projects with your customers/suppliers.
  • Learn from the initiatives, share insights and develop good practices.
  • Build a co-created sustainability innovation portfolio.
  • Grow impact teams across the value chain.
  • Measure your impact and communicate  the results and next steps.


We follow an integrated top-down & bottom-up approach called the X-model™ which was
built based on 15+ years of practical experience in working on sustainability and circular economy projects.

our services


  • Fundamentals of circular economy
  • Design for circularity
  • Business model innovation
  • Circular supplier engagement
  • Circular customer engagement


  • From strategy to implementation using the X-Model
  • Facilitate the impact innovation process

ecosystem building

  • Facilitate joint impact innovation with partners in your value chain
  • Find new partners to scale your impact
  • Facilitate joint knowledge
    and experience sharing




let's create
impact together

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